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Mission Statement

CHANT is the architect of a new tourism platform upon which a wide array of vibrant, high-quality Crucian heritage and nature tourism products are developed and expanded over time. Working closely with existing heritage and nature tourism product providers, as well as identifying and nurturing new providers, CHANT helps to develop and maintain a high level of authenticity and quality among St. Croix's heritage and nature product providers.

CHANT simultaneously works with international and regional heritage and nature tourism market promoters and tour packagers, as well as members of the local community, to link the CHANT provider with those seeking a unique, high-quality heritage and nature experience.

CHANT works with the entire St. Croix tourism industry (public, private, and non-profit sectors) and other public interest groups to promote heritage and nature tourism and to support the expansion of resources and infrastructure that will benefit all members of the industry (e.g. expanded air-lift, development of high-quality lodgings, small business development support, tourism education and training, among others)...

Vision Statement

CHANT will help spark a sustainable tourism renaissance on St. Croix by establishing our island-community as one of the leading heritage and nature tourism destinations in the world. By focusing on development from within, CHANT's heritage and nature tourism program will serve as an engine for sustainable economic development, contributing to a new era of increased broad-based prosperity and community pride.


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