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I was in St. Coix in January 2008. I spent a lot of my time enjoying the sunset in Frederiksted.


I went on the Caledonia tour with Bush Doctor, Veronica Gordon. I was amazed at the abundance of healing & helpful fruits, leaves & roots in this span of rain forest. Veronica's knowledge and experience made the tour a fun & educational experience! I highly recommend it for visitors & locals.


My name is Len Marraccini. On Tuesday, Feb. 23, our ship- the Celebrity Millenium- docked at Frederiksted. We had taken the "Historic Walking Tour" which you guided. It was very obvious to me during that tour, that you were a Toastmaster - by the way in which you spoke, your animation, and your enthusiasm. During the tour I introduced myself to you and told you that I was also a Toastmaster from an area near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the end of your fantastic tour, you and I posed for a photograph. I am attaching that photo with this email for you to enjoy.

We really had a great time on your tour, and I especially enjoyed meeting and talking with you. Keep up the great work!! God bless and take care.


What a terrific time Gary and I had on the tour of the VI Sustainable Farm last Friday. Shelly (spelling?) was/is a delightful, enthusiastic guide with a wealth of knowledge and a refreshing honesty about not knowing it all and wanting to learn more. She took us on a terrific tour, really catering to our fancies, including my stated desire to "eat as many edible things as possible while walking around." Gary and I can't wait to check out some of your other tours when we return, which hopefully will be sooner, rather than later. It's likely that the next time we're in St. Croix we'll be with my parents who are most interested in nature and heritage tourism. You can count on seeing us again! :-) All the best to you in your efforts now and in the future. An advance Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All my best,


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