Miss Asta – “I am Virgin Islands culture!”

Miss Asta is a keeper of the cultural traditions and heritage of St. Croix! Born at Estate Concordia and raised in the town of Frederiksted, Miss Asta Williams was raised in Nesbit yard by her loving mother, Roselyn James, and her father, Daniel Hanley. They taught her the value of the culture.
“My parents raised me to know about my culture when it came to food and clothing and music, and all of our local customs – all that we do and live and thrive on as Virgin Islanders – specifically our Crucian culture.”
Miss Williams comes from a long line of tradition bearers. Her mother would bring her to Quadrille dances at Cumberland Castle, share old stories with her, and introduce her to Masquerading as a youth. Her father, a musician, shared the love of music with her. Her aunt, Eliza McBean, was a great culture bearer, and Miss Asta has carried the tradition forward.

Asta & Donna

Under de Taman tree

Miss Asta

Virgin Islands culture is who I am!

“Virgin Islands culture is who I am!”

Miss Asta Williams attended the “Danish School” on Hospital Street in Frederiksted and junior high school at the Bell House, now the Athalie Petersen Public Library in Frederiksted. For high school, she traveled to Christiansted High School for several years. After raising her six children, she returned to complete her high school education at Central High School, graduating the same year as her youngest son, Clive.
Miss Williams is an activist and educator – she led the Tenants Association at Harrigan, organized summer programs for the youths of her community, and volunteered at Claude O. Markoe School, where she told stories, arts and crafts, and taught the tradition of Masquerading. Miss Asta has taught hundreds of children over the years – partnering with the Division of Cultural Education with Valrica Bryson to create Masqueraders for generations to come.