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Maroon Ridge, NW, St. Croix

Ras Joe Gell is a “Bushman” who enjoys exploring the trails and paths of the lush green scenic landscapes of St. Croix. Ras Joe will take you on a journey through the pristine Annaly Ridge and Rain Forest on the Northwestern part of the island. You will hike the enchanted “Lighthouse” and “Tide Pool” trails where Maroons and Taino Natives trekked centuries before.

Ras Joe will enlighten your mind on the rich historical significance of the Trailways in relation to how past events have shaped the present day of the island. You will learn about the indigenous trees and plants and their medicinal and resourceful uses. Gell will also inform you about the many unique animals in the area.

If you are a nature lover who loves to hike in a quaint tropical setting, then Ras Joe’s Bushman Hiking tours are a fit for you.

Ras Joe Gell first began connecting with nature during his college days in a rural area. He has been studying “Creative Nature” and medicinal herbs since the early 2000s. He has learned from great herbalists like Dr. Sebi, Marry Ann Santelli, Ras Lumumba, Barbara “Kamara” Knight, and Ras Golis Belardo. Since 2017, Gell has taught creative classes and tours in St. Croix. Ras Joe is currently expanding his creative nature knowledge to build eco/cultural tourism in the Virgin Islands.

Annaly Ridge Trails

Rain Forest, NW, St. Croix

Tide Pools

Annaly Bay Tide Pools, St. Croix